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    19 Pieces Aluminum Wedding Gift Set

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19 Pieces Aluminum Wedding Gift Set Details

First of all this 19 Pieces Aluminum Wedding Gift Set is unique in design, It has the heaviest gauged 2.7mm thickness. Overall this cookware set will make your kitchen look more desirable and attractive.

As its name suggests, the set can be used as a Dowry Gift or for a Wedding Anniversary. SK Cookware provides a variety of sizes and designs in a way that you enjoy your time while cooking beef, chicken, fish, or delicious rice, etc. in your kitchen.

Why is 19 Pieces Aluminum Wedding Gift Set the Best?

  • EASY TO CLEAN & CARE FOR. To maintain the quality of your cookware set, allow it to cool completely to room temperature. Clean with dish detergent and a sponge or soft mesh scrubber. To maintain luster, polish with water and a mild acid, like vinegar or lemon juice. Dishwasher safe, but to maintain the visibility of interior measurement lines, handwashing is best. 
  • NO NEED FOR NON-STICK COATING. Just let pots and pans get hot, then add healthy cooking oil, like safflower or olive oil, and you can sauté vegetables or fry a steak to perfection. Just cook, clean, and put it away. Heavy-duty quality, with lightweight construction.
  • THE PAN. THE MYTH. SK Aluminum cookware is built to last a lifetime. Designed from the inside out, this high-quality set is perfect for serious home cooks and great for novices to learn. Each piece is carefully assembled and the handles are firmly riveted on, making them ideal for moving soups, stews, roasts, braises, and other heavy dishes around your stovetop.


19 Pieces of Aluminum Wedding Gift Set Items 

Details Diameter (cm) Depth (cm) Capacity (Liter)
Casserole 23
14 5.75
Casserole 28
15 7
Casserole 33
16 9
Casserole 38 20 2.5
Wok 23 8 4.5
Wok 31
Frypan 24 4 1.5
Sauce Pan 19 8 2
Tawa 30
Spoons 3


Wedding Gift Set Weight
Approx Weight (KG) Gross Weight (KG)
16.5 20.1

Key Features:

  • 19 Pcs Cookware Set

  • 2.7mm Thick (Heavy Duty )

  • Imported Knobs are Fitted

  • High Quality

  • Durable Cookware

  • Ideal for Smart Cooking

  • Attractive Finish

  • Made up of pure 99% food Grade Aluminum.

  • The product is manufactured under International Quality Standards.

  • Wash the items and lids before using them for the first time.

  • Could you keep it clean after use?

  • Use it for cooking only, Not as a long-term food storage box.


SK Cookware brings together families who appreciate ‘design’ and ‘function’ syncing together to deliver outstanding performance. 

The perfect stylish body of our pots and pans is manufactured from heavy gauge high-quality pure aluminum which ensures even heat distribution for better cooking and results in fantastic performance throughout the kitchen. 

The heat-resistant and ergonomic handles with a smooth finish are riveted to give a firm grip and a luxurious exterior look. 

We are the best cookware brand in Pakistan with the most wanted and durable nonstick cookware, marble coated, aluminum cookware, and pressure cooker range.

    This Marble Coating Set is the ultimate solution for your kitchen needs. Because SK Cookware is the Brand of Excellence and serving its customers for the last 50 years.

    Removing Discoloration from Aluminum Cooking Pot

    Discoloration that appears on aluminum utensils can be removed by boiling a solution of two to three tablespoons of cream of tartar, lemon juice or vinegar to each quart of water in the utensil for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, lightly scour with a soap-filled scouring pad. Cooking acid foods such as tomatoes or rhubarb will remove the stains naturally without affecting the cooked food product. To remove stains from the aluminum exterior, use a non-abrasive cleanser

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    Yes! we do offer 14 days money back warranty on all our products here on our web store. Moreover, our pressure cookers comes in life time blast proof warranty. All of our products are ISO certified so buy with confidence. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Shafqat Hussain
    Assalamualaikum Everyone!

    Mei bhot Khush hn ajj, bhot acha product hai, and customer support waly bhai bhi bhot achy iklaq ke Hain, out of country Jane walo ke liyay yeh product behtareen, hai weight ke hisab se bhi normal achi quality hai, chezen bhi puri Hain kitchen ki need ke mutabik.
    Zabar10st product hai is price, aam shops pe itni asani se nhi mil sakta. let's see Kitna time chalta hai results kia Hain, hope so achy hi hon ge🤩

    For SK!
    Allah apke business mei bhot barkat ata farmahy or apki tamam pershaniyan dur farmahy ameeen, Khush rahy hamesha or is hi tarha Halal rozi kama hy!